1What is a MGA?
A Managing General Agent (MGA) manages all or part of the insurance life-cycle for an insurance carrier. We have in-depth expertise that has been granted underwriting authority by an insurer, and can administer programs and negotiate contracts for an insurer while working as the intermediary between insurers and brokers, and/or insureds.
2Why use an MGA?
We act as a specialist type of insurance agent. Granted underwriting authority by insurance capacity provider and offer tailored quotes much quicker than more traditional channels. In addition, it’s far easier to get an instant ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer direct from our underwriting expert, as opposed to first going through an automatic system.
3What is a Coverholder?
Lloyd's is the world's leading specialist insurance market, a place where talented and experienced underwriters come together to insure or reinsure risks.

Coverholders can offer the best of both worlds.
They have local knowledge to fully understand your requirements, while offering access to Lloyd's specialist underwriting expertise, capital strength and brand.
4Financial Strength and Performance
Insurance carrier credit ratings are important because it indicates the company’s solvency, financial strength, and ability to pay policyholder claims. All the insurance capacity we acting on behalf must be awarded from the major ratings agencies with excellent financial stability.
5Complaints Handling Procedures
6Data Protection Policy